What is Conrad?

Conrad is a multiplayer survival game build in Unity3D, we strive to make Conrad an enjoyable and unique experience for all.


In Conrad we want the player to be able to do anything they want, this includes art.


There are monuments like buildings and landmarks you can visit, sometimes they may harbour loot.

Base Building

In conrad you can build and destroy bases crafting buildables or rocket launchers and IEDs to destroy them.


Conrad is a multilayer survival game by Prommer Game Studios. Were you survive in a nuclear apocalypse shell of a world were you survive against radioactive animals and creatures not to mention the other... Survivors. Our Discord server gives you the most recent updates and exclusive sneak peeks as well as being part of the wonderful community.

Conrad is currently in Pre-Alpha development and is still being worked on howether you can play the game for free or support us by downloading gold, giving you special UI elements, golden viewmodels and a golden player tag so you can show your awesomness to the world. Download Conrad here.

Official Gameplay Trailer