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Update 0.0.11!

Update {0.0.11}

Time for another Conrad update!

-Added boxes and racks to landmarks
-Added Day and night cycle
-Added sounds to player taking damage
-Added Sounds to mutants idle and attack
-Added Spear
-Added Health Regen if hunger and water are in good condition
-Using a bow drops an arrow were you shot
-Added oxygen metre
-You now take health when low on oxygen
-Added Player ragdoll on death
-Added explosive trap (IED Trap)
-Added report bug button in escape menu
-Added Oxygen canister
-Added Refined Metal Recipie
-Added custom skins
you can set a texture for a skin under player settings (url)
-Added brick
-Added Brick buildables
-Added new UI

-Increaced some crafting recipies
-Increaced mutant health
-Tweaked loot tables to contain more food / water

Litteraly a million like so many this entire update was 75% bug fixes

Update 0.0.10

Update 0.0.10

Time for another Conrad update!

-Added Voice Chat (Press V To talk, a microphone icon will show when you speaking)
-Added Text Chat (Press T to send a message
-Save / Load World (Acess via inventory stored in Build_Data/
-Added Hydration
-Added Sugar rocks
-Added Console (Activate with initiate console on menu screen)
-Added Server List To save and connect to servers
-Multiplier for crafting
-You can now change your name in player settings

-Edited Enemy Loot Tables
-Edited some crafting recipies
-Deer now drop hide and venison
-You can now see if you can place down objects or not when building


All in all alot of new features were added and alot of foundation
for future projects were added such as custom skins and modding
customs skins may come with patch.

Have fun!

Update 0.0.9

Devlog 9
Version: {0.0.9}
New features:
Colored Cubes For Building available in the crafting menu
Guide on
Mutants spawn around map and drop basic gear
Super Mutants spawn around map and drop basic gear
Deer Spawn around the map and drop basic gear
basics of the new advanced modding system for 0.0.10
LOTS of optimisation
You can now change your player tag under the player settings button

Bug Fixes / Changes:
Log now works on better data making sure if you have an old version you will know
Lots of general and networking bug fixes

Planned for 0.0.10
1. New icons
2 Gold Viewmodels
3.Viewmodel animations
4.Networked Electronic system
5.Server version checking
5.Deer animations

Update 0.0.8

Devlog 8
Version: 0.0.8
New features:
0. An awesome website by Teemo
1. Player animations / emoticons : Keypad 1 : Wave Keypad 2 : Nod Keypad 3 : Shake Head Keypad 4 : Point
2. Two New land marks Pharmacy and Super Market Modeled by SavagePanda
3. Modding System help can be found at the wiki on
4. Game launcher
5. Added FOV slider 60-120
6. Crafting Multiplier
7. Loading screen when joining games

Bug Fixes / Changes:
1. Lots and LOTS of fixes I cant explain
2. Water has slight flowing effect
3. Crafting recipies reduced

Planned for 0.0.9
1. Add decals after weapon use / left over models
2. Add more viewmodels
3. More console commands
4. Delay bar
5. Better Modding system
6. More player animations e.g strafe

Update 0.0.8 Coming Soon

Update 0.0.8 is coming soon be ready!